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A true inspiration


Team Impact teamed Jacob up with the UPenn's basketball team and it was an absolutely perfect match! If joining the team and becoming part of the family wasn't enough, TI asked him to join them at their news desk in Boston for their 11th annual Game Day Gala.


After spending another year with the team hearing  Jacob's speech honoring Coach Donahue,  TI asked Jacob to speak at their 12th annual gala in June 2023, with 1,000 people in attendance!


After returning form an unbelievable trip to Nashville, Jacob saw that LoCash was performing not too far from his house. After reaching out again, they said, come on by...and the rest is history!


NubAbility is an organization existing to encourage, inspire, and instruct limb different youth by getting them off the bench and into mainstream sports. Jacob attended all sports camp in July 2022 and played golf, basketball, football and did water sports too!


Finding the right prosthetist was not easy and led us to Nashville, TN! In May 2022, Jacob spent 1 week in Nashville with ABR where they made him the perfect fitting socket to go with his new leg and running blade!


While in Nashville getting his new leg, Jacob attended a concert at the Grand old Opry featuring LoCash and The Beach Boys. Unbeknownst to him, his Mom reached out to them earlier in the day on Instagram, and they called him up on stage at the end of the show!


After losing his leg to cancer in January 2020 (right before COVID), Jacob worked hard at home and taught himself how to walk with his first prosthetic leg. A few months later he began PT and in no time, he was running on a treadmill!


Running on the treadmill wasn't enough for Jacob, so he kept at it. Limited by the prosthetic leg he had, he pushed it to it's limits...and beyond, never settling for nothing but the best.


Jacob was diagnosed with cancer in March 2019, he was in 5th grade. He left school on a Friday, just a regular 11 year old boy, almost never to return. With a new cancer diagnosis, 5th Grade promotion was on the line...but he was there and walked!


In December of 2020, after 14 intense rounds of chemotherapy, Jacob ran the bell, signifying the completion of his treatment. 

Intro video at the 2020 #jbonesarmy Fundraiser.

Jacob receiving his first prosthetic leg.

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